6 Pillars Powering Cross-Channel Personalization

Published by Emarsys

The days of status quo, one-size-fits-all marketing are over.

When it comes to customer engagement, the ability to deliver personalized 1:1 experiences is no longer a “nice to have.” Personalization is now table stakes — if you can’t personalize your content to the customer and deliver it consistently and effectively, you won’t earn their loyalty.

That’s because today’s customer is too savvy, too discerning, and flush with too many options to tolerate a cookie-cutter experience with a brand. In fact, 63% of North American and UK consumers expect personalized communications from brands (eMarketer), and that number will continue to grow.

To build a truly powerful personalization strategy that not only satisfies and delights customers but actually drives tangible business results, you’ll need to incorporate these six essential pillars: 

  • Get your data right
  • Think relevant, real time, and right now
  • Meet customers where they are at
  • Personalize for the customer, not the channel
  • Use AI to make true 1:1 personalization scalable
  • Measure your results (so you know what works)

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