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As customer behavior continues to evolve rapidly, businesses must drive brand engagement or face irrelevance. The need to engage with the customer where they are, build custom interfaces, deliver experiences for connected devices, adopt new interaction modes, and deploy new developer technologies is raising a debate over whether investments in content management systems (CMS) will pay off. These trends have led developer and IT teams to consider headless content management as an option for experience management and delivery. The term “headless” means that content is decoupled from the presentation layer (the head) and is delivered in a channel-neutral format to power any channel or experience.

Adobe Experience Manager serves as a headless CMS, giving developers exactly what they need to do what they do best—build faster and deliver exceptional experiences everywhere, with the option to empower marketers with content authoring functionality. Marketers must balance the ability to efficiently author, manage, personalize, and measure experiences with the desire to create extremely customized experiences that could require high-cost technical resources to manage and measure the experience. Yet, many headless CMSs in the market today don’t offer any visual tools to get this done. For such scenarios, we recommend a headless CMS geared toward developers, marketers, and editors. One that can quickly create great experiences, is easily extensible, is context optimized, is scalable as the business grows, and allows content reuse for highly customized experiences—at a lower cost. Experience Manager allows developers, marketers, and editors to author channel-optimized contextual experiences along with a headless content repository for any end point.

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